Monday, November 14, 2011

The Touch Of Fear

   Alice  rode her mustang back to school Monday morning.  She missed school because she mourning  from her mothers death for three weeks.She is still so sad but if she doesn't go back she will be kicked out of school for the rest of the year. When she gets to school she puts her horse in the stables then see's a new boy.     

  When Alice is walking in the hallway she say`s "Hi I`am Alice" and he says, "Hi I`am Jasper, do you wanna hang out after school?". "Sure!", Alice says."So a movie sounds good?" "Yeah that would be great!" Bye (say`s Alice.)After school Alice is waiting at the movies for Jasper she get`s a phone her sister was  killed so Alice goes home The next day at school Jasper isn`t there. Alice is wondering what`s going on. she get`s the goose bumps. After school when she is riding her mustang home from school she realizes a black GMC truck with tented windows is following her.

She is trying to get away but then some one jumps out  of the back its Jasper so she starts running she is so scared because jasper is trying to catch her so she runs into the castle up the stairs to her room slams her bedroom door and locks it she is breathing hard her heart is beating fast. then someone o something was knocking on her window she walks over to it bam jasper went thru her window with out breaking it...  Alice is really scared know Alice touches him to see if he is a ghost but no her hand didn`t go thru him . she asked Jasper who are you?, what do you want? , I will do any  thing just leave me alone.He replied Jasper!!

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